This is a nice location and a very good ambiance from the best in Indian, Amber India.

Name: Amber India Restaurant
Address:514 Bryant Street, San Francisco

Amber India Restaurants has five locations across North California serving both classic and contemporary Indian cuisine. Our group of award winning Restaurants offers a class of distinctive culinary dishes.

We visited Amber India in San Francisco and treated ourselves to a broad array of Indian delicacies. Our favorite was the chicken tikka masala which is a chicken dish cooked in tandoori spices in a gravy. Chicken tikka masala pairs perfectly with a darker body of wine. Garlic Naan is necessary to scoop up the chicken tikka masala as eating with your fingers and hands is customary. The chicken tikka masala can be eaten with Basmati rice.
Here is what the restaurant has to say: "Amber India San Francisco is bang in the center of all the action in San Francisco. It is adjacent to Four Seasons, Marriott and Jewish community Center and minutes walk from the Cable Car stand and Union Square. It is a beautiful restaurant designed by Michael Layne. As soon as you enter the restaurant you are mesmerized by the beautiful handcrafted sandstone lattice from Indonesia. On the right you are led into an elegant and spacious lounge that overlooks the busy Market Street. The dining room is split in two levels and is dressed up in Italian fabric, chandeliers, custom designed mirrors and it has a painting in the private dining room that gives you a glimpse of India. The place has been the pride of San Francisco."

Try the: PUNJABI SAMOSA CHAT Potato Parcels, Stewed Garbanzo, Mint, Tamarind, Yoghurt
and the...
BUTTER CHICKEN Amber’s Signature-Shredded Tandoori Chicken, Tomato, Cream Sauce

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